Hello world!

For a long time I have been a Big dreamer! Some possible and some jst unrealistic. But i can telll u one thing- don’t ever stop dreaming or let anyone tell u it cant happen! It would hur to atleast try. And dnt sit there and wait like someOne is gna make it happen for you!

You know this world is filled with diffrnt pple and diffrnt views

So don’t let one persons opinion define ur future!
Just Be You-tiful!

This is part a poem i wrote ths August titled ‘This one is for you’, Be inspired

This is for the person who ain’t ever felt PRETTY, COOL, SMART, SEXY, TALENTED, WORTHY, BEAUTIFUL and STRONG.
Forget the media’s definition of perfect
coz the Man upstairs says they’re wrong!

He made you Amazing just the way you are,
so don’t give up, Just trust
coz one day you’re gonna be a STAR!

Stop filling your minds with expectations of the world and just be you
Promise to always stay true
It’s the best thing u can do
That’s why this one right here
This one is for you!

Amour the people 🙂
Karey Baby


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