Hi there reader 🙂 .. well this is my 1st time blogging lets hope i get the hang of it!

well i don’t think i’ll start with your typical introduction of who i am. you’ll jst have to find out for yourself 😉 .

2012 has been one of the best years for me. it’s had it serious downs and dramatic moments but got through em. 1st year of university at a private college in South Africa and i must say that it has been quite awsome!! went there and my 1st thought was ‘Yeah baby definatly going HAM” shockingly i did and it was fun. but things changed around the second semestr.

2012 taught me one thing always choose ur friends wisely!. or infact don’t even have best friends in university coz things change. people will always come in ur life and then go jst like that!. trust me you do not need people to be your source of happiness. true happiness is found within and comes from God. but Do share the Love!! kisses ♥ Amour The people ♥


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