Finding the true you


They say u can only truly find yourself when you are alone. but i think what makes you who you are is how you behave around people. people can tell you what they think of you so it is your characteristics that define who you are.

i must admit but up till now i honestly don’t know who i am. don’t get me wrong i don’t have different personalities but i guess i withhold some aspects abut myself around certain people and when am those who know me so well i go all out. well that’s just me. i used to be very shy. still are but i guess i’ve grown and changed a little.

thats my point exaclty. how can u put the definition of who you are into one tiny box and be the person you were 5yrs ago now? as human beings we are constanlty growin, changing, transforming and experiencing different things in different ways.

what i am trying to say is i don’t think there is a definite definition of who you are. However having values and morals are very important in defining a person.. your values determine what you accept and what you think is right or wrong. Nobody would have the exact morals or values. it all depends on who you are exposed to and what you allow to influence you’re view. hence whenever we hear people saying ‘stay true to who you are’ it kinda means don’t let people change YOUR morals and values!

as a christian it is very hard to make Values and morals based on Human mind set and human nature because things are always contradictory. i guess thats a big part of my life that holds me back from understanding who i am.

it’s like am i doing this because i want to?                                                                             or because i know it’s the right thing to do?                                                                          or because i have been conditioned to and it’s the only thing/way i know of?

think about it?

Does the definition of who you box you in a category or do you belive that we grow and change everyday through our experiences? Anyways appreciate every person that comes in your life because a number of them will definatly influence who you are today 🙂 hopefully in a positive way :p. i know i am 🙂

Amour the People 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finding the true you

  1. Sylvia Plath,the famous writer, once said ” I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am.” I think this blog follows suit with this quotation. Keep writing dear one so that one day I to can say “Takondwa Mwendera, the famous writer” 🙂
    From your biggest fan and best friend

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