This Heart Of Mine

They say time heals everything
But how I can heal when there’s nothing at all
Just an empty lonely heart
And a girl waiting to fall.

Off a bridge? I think not
But my heart hurts and it was all I got.
Dear God please hear my cry
Heal me and help me fly.

These tears I cry shouldn’t be there
Coz I opened my heart to people who couldn’t even care.
So tell me? How does one learn to love when they aren’t loved back?
I need you Lord
Please put my life on track.
They say everyone can love
And I want to feel that.

I don’t want his sweet nothings
I want to feel peace.
If it means letting this go
Then I will and what we had will care to cease.

But I will wait for u God
I will wait all day.
Even when my heart gets hurt again
I won’t stop to pray.

All I know is that
This feeling inside is the worst
Is it I to blame
Or the one I loved 1st.

But I can’t keep looking at the past
Just hope one day
The future will be bright
And I’ll have someone to trust.

This heart of mine deserves better
This heart of mine is strong
This heart of mine has lost love
This heart of mine can’t go on

This heart of mine is shattered
This heart of mine is true
This heart of mine is will one day stand
Coz I know Lord it was made by you.