Made out of Adam’s image

Beautiful and mighty she stands.

Yet oppressed and beaten through

Gender inequality seen in all the lands.

Man doubts her strength, power and ability

No education, no supremacy and they call that humility?


Titled as the baby maker

For 9months she bares a newborn.

She still cooks, still cleans

Her heart can’t help but feel torn.


Nothing compares to the undermining feeling

 She felt in the olden days.

Cast under man’s shadow

She was mute because she knows no other ways.


Each year it’s the same story

But today she stands beautiful and mighty.

Alongside man

She still fights for equality.


The reason for life in this world is she

Praying for peace and justice in this world

For you and me.



She is…

Your aunt, your sister, mother, daughter or wife.

Just like the morning sun rises

She is the reason for life! 

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