The Beginning Of Sin


You know that moment

When you do what’s wrong but can’t stop

I guess it’s what I’ve always feared in my mind

And it just won’t drop

The kind of wrong that makes you forget who you really are

And that feeling of love inside of you

Is put away in a place so far


Excuse my English,

If im being too imprecise

As a matter of fact, what goes on in my head

Ain’t nothing to do with sugar and spice.

You see we’ve all got skeletons in our closet

But I ain’t here to confess

Poetry is just how I get things out

Kind of like my distress.

Let me tell u a lil story, my lil narration

You’ve probably heard it before

About life and how it isn’t a simple equation


So it starts with the moment she felt her world torn apart

She knew that with time she’d get better

But nothing could mend this broken heart

Feeling empty disheartened and dejected

Not even a kind word from a stranger

Could amount to the way she felt rejected.


Turned towards terrains of temptations

Trying to be tested

Tick tock tick tock

Time went by as she lived her life of sin infested

Cast amongst demons of sloth, greed and lust

Bounded by feelings of sadness, loneliness

Was there anyone she could trust?


‘’I don’t want it anymore

This is too much to handle

She confided in the God she once obeyed

As she prayed in a dark room with a candle


He’s only will to love her gave her second chance to repent

Feeling remorse and regret

I want to be heaven sent

She said

But she went

And did again like a little child she was bent

Into thinking the world was a horrible place and people did not believe in lent.


The God I trust is the only I serve

But with all that I’ve done

Your mercy and grace I don’t deserve

So I’ll sit aside and keep my feelings

Knowing very well there will always be a day

Where I won’t stop sinning

Heavy hearted, lost in emotion

Could this only be the beginning?


Be You, Be BeYoutiful :)

i remember the many times that i woke up in the morning n felt like i wasn’t ever good enough for any one. And jst felt less confident, ugly n jst nothing. You know, those kinda days when u just want to be left alone and seeing people would make u feel even worse.I don’t know if some people get days like that but thats me.

I guess i never felt pretty. I mean looking at magazines and how glamourous people look on tv. Don’t you ever wonder ‘y can’t i be like that?’. I’m sure many of us have flaws that we wish could get rid of. Wether they are minor or major aspects about yourself that you don’t like we always tend to put ourselves down.
Maybe it was based on somethng someone said to u years back and yet still affects you now. Criticism can always be hard to take yet people are quick to dish it out.

There was this really talented boy in footbal and in music. When he was young he was going to be a professional football player. This guy had such a big heart and huge dream. Bt it was all crushed because his mother shut him down. ‘how could you say that when you’re the one who taught me to have dreams?
I know what i want and how to get there bt to you im jst in my own fantasy is that how it seems?’
but i’ll tell you one thing- he never gave up music talent and he just gets better everyday. The day he grows up and achieves his mom will be so proud. 🙂

people can tell u so many thngs that could hurt or put u down.even from the ones we love But they can never take ur dream away because it’s up to u to believe wat they say or ignore and let em haters watch :).

Don’t compare yourself to others. God created you that way for a reason. We must learn to embrace our flaws n not fix them. And you know wats more beautiful than that?
Finding someone who loves each and every one of your flaws and embraces them for you :). Even when your hair is messy or u look like u jst got ran over by a bus. They’ll still look you in the eye and call you BeYoutiful :). Ain’t that something special?

Girls love yourself! And forget what the media says about being ‘perfect’ that you have to be a certain size, shape or race. Nobody was born like how they get photo-shoped in magazines. Be real be you! How can you want a realman yet everything about you is fake?

And guys. Jst be You! 🙂 if ur lucky ul find a girl who loves you for you and not for the kinda clothes you wear or how much money you have. So learn to love yourself. And am so greatful to have certain people in my life who Love me for me even with my flaws 🙂 ‘TNT’ . Try to Be that person in some one else’s life.

*Change whatever you can and embrace whatever can’t be* 🙂
people can break you, but they can never make you. So believe in yourself and never give up. Do what you Love if it makes you happy… 🙂

Amour The People


Hi there reader 🙂 .. well this is my 1st time blogging lets hope i get the hang of it!

well i don’t think i’ll start with your typical introduction of who i am. you’ll jst have to find out for yourself 😉 .

2012 has been one of the best years for me. it’s had it serious downs and dramatic moments but got through em. 1st year of university at a private college in South Africa and i must say that it has been quite awsome!! went there and my 1st thought was ‘Yeah baby definatly going HAM” shockingly i did and it was fun. but things changed around the second semestr.

2012 taught me one thing always choose ur friends wisely!. or infact don’t even have best friends in university coz things change. people will always come in ur life and then go jst like that!. trust me you do not need people to be your source of happiness. true happiness is found within and comes from God. but Do share the Love!! kisses ♥ Amour The people ♥