This Heart Of Mine

They say time heals everything
But how I can heal when there’s nothing at all
Just an empty lonely heart
And a girl waiting to fall.

Off a bridge? I think not
But my heart hurts and it was all I got.
Dear God please hear my cry
Heal me and help me fly.

These tears I cry shouldn’t be there
Coz I opened my heart to people who couldn’t even care.
So tell me? How does one learn to love when they aren’t loved back?
I need you Lord
Please put my life on track.
They say everyone can love
And I want to feel that.

I don’t want his sweet nothings
I want to feel peace.
If it means letting this go
Then I will and what we had will care to cease.

But I will wait for u God
I will wait all day.
Even when my heart gets hurt again
I won’t stop to pray.

All I know is that
This feeling inside is the worst
Is it I to blame
Or the one I loved 1st.

But I can’t keep looking at the past
Just hope one day
The future will be bright
And I’ll have someone to trust.

This heart of mine deserves better
This heart of mine is strong
This heart of mine has lost love
This heart of mine can’t go on

This heart of mine is shattered
This heart of mine is true
This heart of mine is will one day stand
Coz I know Lord it was made by you.


The Beginning Of Sin


You know that moment

When you do what’s wrong but can’t stop

I guess it’s what I’ve always feared in my mind

And it just won’t drop

The kind of wrong that makes you forget who you really are

And that feeling of love inside of you

Is put away in a place so far


Excuse my English,

If im being too imprecise

As a matter of fact, what goes on in my head

Ain’t nothing to do with sugar and spice.

You see we’ve all got skeletons in our closet

But I ain’t here to confess

Poetry is just how I get things out

Kind of like my distress.

Let me tell u a lil story, my lil narration

You’ve probably heard it before

About life and how it isn’t a simple equation


So it starts with the moment she felt her world torn apart

She knew that with time she’d get better

But nothing could mend this broken heart

Feeling empty disheartened and dejected

Not even a kind word from a stranger

Could amount to the way she felt rejected.


Turned towards terrains of temptations

Trying to be tested

Tick tock tick tock

Time went by as she lived her life of sin infested

Cast amongst demons of sloth, greed and lust

Bounded by feelings of sadness, loneliness

Was there anyone she could trust?


‘’I don’t want it anymore

This is too much to handle

She confided in the God she once obeyed

As she prayed in a dark room with a candle


He’s only will to love her gave her second chance to repent

Feeling remorse and regret

I want to be heaven sent

She said

But she went

And did again like a little child she was bent

Into thinking the world was a horrible place and people did not believe in lent.


The God I trust is the only I serve

But with all that I’ve done

Your mercy and grace I don’t deserve

So I’ll sit aside and keep my feelings

Knowing very well there will always be a day

Where I won’t stop sinning

Heavy hearted, lost in emotion

Could this only be the beginning?


Shanna’s song Part 1


Kendrick Lemar once said

*We hurt people who love us and love people who hurt us*

There was once a beautiful girl who gave her love away

Only to realize that her lover was never there to stay.

Out partying and drinking, living the life of a bachelor till late

While she stayed at home wrote poems for the one she knew as her soul mate.

Not giving a damn the expressions of her love and how she deeply felt

It was as if the less she received love the more she grew in her love state

I’m in too deep! I can’t just give up now.

Why can’t you love and care for me the way I love and care for you?

I just want us to be together.

Can’t you see!

The love I give to you is greater than the depth of sea!

Can’t you just love me for me!

I beg…..

That was all that she wanted; to give LOVE and receive LOVE.

But instead she received this:


It took 3 years for their love to grow

Be made

And then fade…

Why would you shatter my heart like glass shattered from a glass door?

I begged of you to help me pick them up and put them together

But you just stood there and watched as I tried to collect them from the floor.

Maybe one day you’ll love me the way I Loved you.

I’ll just wait and hope trapped with this broken heart

For someone to repair it as if it was never torn apart.

Don’t you ever notice how my face brightens up when I see you?

Or how my heart pounds faster when you’re around.

I hate how you refuse to notice

You don’t even try!

So everything we’ve have been through all the sweet things you said

Look me in my eye

And tell me they were all lies.

If I go back to you I’ll be hurting myself more

Can’t put my heart though that again

It’s already too bruised, too sore.

I know there’s a God out there to show me true love

I want to fly again and feel like I’m in the Heavens above

For I am just a little fragile, bruised and burnt wingless Dove…