Couldn’t really put a title to it

Did we just open up our hearts to have them closed?
Coz it feels like mines still open and yours is elsewhere down the road
I don’t blame you; I guess it wasn’t meant to be
Even though it felt like that every time it was just you and me.

I just need some closure to help me move on,
But you have been that rock in me that helped me be strong
But il be ok il be alright
I have been always, knowing God is with me at night

Endless prayers on how to let this feeling go
Why won’t it leave, or do u have a hold on me like so.
Nevertheless I have tried endless times
But you keep coming back to me and it makes everything alright.

You can’t fight with fate Tk no matter how hard you try
But having faith and hope leaves no room to say goodbye

Maybe it was just how you made me feel from the start
Its funny coz I told myself; this guy can never get to your heart
But u did n now its left vulnerable, exposed and bruised
That why I lock it up from others, I’m afraid to be used

Enough of the emo shuff
“You’ve gotta be happy” Tk you always say
“Don’t be stingy with your smile
You’ve gotta stay awesome all day”

Ever had a beautiful sunny day and in the middle of it there is rain?
Its like having ur happiness being the same source of your pain.
I never wanted things to end like this O
And im not begging u to stay or begging u to go
My feelings just had to be let out or else il breakdown
And I know how u don’t like it when I frown.

Instead of being that girl who says it when she’s drunk
I thought I’d write it in lyrically
And hope this makes you feel any different
Mentally or emotionally

I had a hard time writing this not knowing how it would make you feel
But just wanted to know if those feelings u say u have are actually real.
Coz if they are please don’t hurt me
Coz im still waiting and my heart bruises easily.

She’s got your heart I know
But I’d like to have it too someday
I’d never let it fall or drop
Never let it get blown away.

I’l be your cutie
Id be your bestie
Even when you car race
Ur front row cheerleader at ur fastest n slowest pace

I’d keep u smiling even in the darkest days
When the sun ain’t shining or when its lost it’s rays
Id try my best at most
even when you have nothing to do
Coz all I ever want to be, is somebody to you.



Made out of Adam’s image

Beautiful and mighty she stands.

Yet oppressed and beaten through

Gender inequality seen in all the lands.

Man doubts her strength, power and ability

No education, no supremacy and they call that humility?


Titled as the baby maker

For 9months she bares a newborn.

She still cooks, still cleans

Her heart can’t help but feel torn.


Nothing compares to the undermining feeling

 She felt in the olden days.

Cast under man’s shadow

She was mute because she knows no other ways.


Each year it’s the same story

But today she stands beautiful and mighty.

Alongside man

She still fights for equality.


The reason for life in this world is she

Praying for peace and justice in this world

For you and me.



She is…

Your aunt, your sister, mother, daughter or wife.

Just like the morning sun rises

She is the reason for life! 

Be You, Be BeYoutiful :)

i remember the many times that i woke up in the morning n felt like i wasn’t ever good enough for any one. And jst felt less confident, ugly n jst nothing. You know, those kinda days when u just want to be left alone and seeing people would make u feel even worse.I don’t know if some people get days like that but thats me.

I guess i never felt pretty. I mean looking at magazines and how glamourous people look on tv. Don’t you ever wonder ‘y can’t i be like that?’. I’m sure many of us have flaws that we wish could get rid of. Wether they are minor or major aspects about yourself that you don’t like we always tend to put ourselves down.
Maybe it was based on somethng someone said to u years back and yet still affects you now. Criticism can always be hard to take yet people are quick to dish it out.

There was this really talented boy in footbal and in music. When he was young he was going to be a professional football player. This guy had such a big heart and huge dream. Bt it was all crushed because his mother shut him down. ‘how could you say that when you’re the one who taught me to have dreams?
I know what i want and how to get there bt to you im jst in my own fantasy is that how it seems?’
but i’ll tell you one thing- he never gave up music talent and he just gets better everyday. The day he grows up and achieves his mom will be so proud. 🙂

people can tell u so many thngs that could hurt or put u down.even from the ones we love But they can never take ur dream away because it’s up to u to believe wat they say or ignore and let em haters watch :).

Don’t compare yourself to others. God created you that way for a reason. We must learn to embrace our flaws n not fix them. And you know wats more beautiful than that?
Finding someone who loves each and every one of your flaws and embraces them for you :). Even when your hair is messy or u look like u jst got ran over by a bus. They’ll still look you in the eye and call you BeYoutiful :). Ain’t that something special?

Girls love yourself! And forget what the media says about being ‘perfect’ that you have to be a certain size, shape or race. Nobody was born like how they get photo-shoped in magazines. Be real be you! How can you want a realman yet everything about you is fake?

And guys. Jst be You! 🙂 if ur lucky ul find a girl who loves you for you and not for the kinda clothes you wear or how much money you have. So learn to love yourself. And am so greatful to have certain people in my life who Love me for me even with my flaws 🙂 ‘TNT’ . Try to Be that person in some one else’s life.

*Change whatever you can and embrace whatever can’t be* 🙂
people can break you, but they can never make you. So believe in yourself and never give up. Do what you Love if it makes you happy… 🙂

Amour The People